Cambridge Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol

Cambridge Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol: What you need to know

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Rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is seen by the general public as something that is easy to get through and get over, however, through research, it is proven that genetics and environments are major participants found in substance use and abuse disorders. This is why people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction should seek help from Cambridge rehab centers for drugs and alcohol where patients are treated in the best rehab centers.

Drug Treatment Centers in Cambridge

Patients who enter rehab centers for drug and alcohol addiction through one of the drug treatment centers Cambridge are provided with treatment for any and every type of addiction. Each patient has access to various levels of care. These levels of care include; inpatient hospitalization, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment.

It is very important to seek treatment when it is apparent that there is abuse. Although it is known that admitting there is a problem, is one of the most difficult parts, denial of drug abuse is something that can go on for years. Many times, the denial is not only from the user, but also the family. It is difficult to accept that someone, including yourself, may have a problem, but doing so and seeking help in Cambridge rehab centers for drugs and alcohol could save lives.

What Is A Drug Overdose?

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, on overdoses by use of opioids: "an overdose occurs when opioid concentrations are so high in the body that they begin to cause respiratory depression. Overdoses can be further characterized as being either non-fatal (loss of consciousness and depressed breathing) or fatal (respiration ceases and/or cardiac arrest ensues)."

According to the Center for Disease control and Prevention in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, there is an opioid epidemic ongoing in the United States. As reported in December 2016, "drug overdose deaths nearly tripled during 1999-2014. In 2014, among 47,055 drug overdose deaths, 61% involved an opioid."

Drug and Alcohol Use in Cambridge

In 2014, 85,823 residents of Massachusetts were surveyed on the reasoning as to why they were seeking rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. As our article is about the best rehab centers in Cambridge, the focus of the statistics are on Cambridge. The outcome of this survey shows that the total number of admissions to treatment centers has fluctuated over the years beginning at 692 people in 2005 to 808 people in 2011 to 619 people in 2014. Of the number of people seeking treatment in 2014, 38% were seeking treatment for Alcohol abuse, 4.8% were seeking treatment for Opioid abuse, 4.2% were seeking treatment for Crack/Cocaine, 45.9% were seeking help for Heroin, 4.5% were seeking help for Marijuana and 2.4% were seeking help for other reasons.


If you are unsure that you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, it is important to reflect on the following questions:

If you know someone that is suffering from addiction and you:

  • Lie about the problem to your friends or family members
  • Assume responsibility for the addict to avoid problems for them
  • Refuse to confront the addict because you are afraid of what their reaction may be

If you are in denial about drug addiction and you:

  • Consume substances everyday but believe that you can stop when you please
  • Get angry and defensive if anyone suggests that you have a problem with substance abuse
  • Believe that you do not need professional help to stop using substances and maintain sobriety

If you related to any of the statements above, don't hesitate, seek help. Rehab for drug and alcohol addiction may save you or your loved ones life.



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